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Level 1 Short game
Presentation of putting, particularities of clubs, analysis of posture and grip. Presentation of chipping, basic movement, stance.
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Level 1 Long game
Basics of the long game, posture, grip and alignment needed for a good golf swing.
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Level 2 Short game
Basics of the lob shot, use of a sand wedge, particularities of posture, use of the body.
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Level 2 Long game
Basics of the full swing, work on balance and range of movement. Swings with iron and wood clubs.
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Obtaining Green Card
Refresher for the green card exam
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Level 3 Long putt
Work on the long putt, gauging the swing, exercises at a range of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 m.
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Level 3 Short putt
Description of the short putt, aim, direction, placement of the club face, position of the eyes.
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Level 3 Exiting bunkers
Use of the particularities of the sand wedge for exiting bunkers, opening of the club face and bounce.
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Level 3 Second shots to a green
Second shots to a green at different distances, selection of the right club, work on rhythm and range.
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Level 3 Chip shots
Chip shots with a nine-iron. Organization of the shot and visualization of the dropping point.
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Level 3 Lob shots
Use of a sand wedge on lob shots. Workshop 15 m from the flag.
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Level 3 Driving
Fairway driving. Use of the driver, work on the aim point versus the target in a 30-m corridor.
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