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New Practice System

New Practice System
From the month of June, our practice system will improve on the whole Blue Green golfs. No need to go at the reception if your card has demagnetized, if you lost it or damage it !
From now, your new card will be rechargeable, unique and named and you will know exactly your balance of balls bucket thanks to all your informations will be saved online.

Provide of the RFID technology (same as credit card), this new cards will be rechargeable at the golf reception but also afterwards on the recharging online platform.

According to your golf Blue Green, the change will be more or less immediate.
Two device on your golf ?

Use your old card until the 31st of August 2017 then transfert the rest on the new system.

The two systems will stay, you will be able to use your old card, then go on the new one, once your sol dis out.
If you didn’t used all your sold, or if you find cards, we will continue to transfert your sold until the 31/12/17 on your new rechargeable card

This case concern the golfs of 

Avrillé, Bordeaux-Lac, Caen, Rodez, La Domangère, Les Fontenlles, L'Estérel, Lyon Chassieu, Marolles en Brie, Nantes-Erdre, L'Odet, Pessac, Pornic, Quetigny, Saint-Aubin, Saint-Etienne, Saint-Laurent, Sainte-Maxime, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Savenay, Seyssins, Villennes, Villeray.

UOnly one device on your golf ?
No worry, we transfert your balls bucket remaining on the new system.

The golf will communicate you of the date of system change. From this date, you will have to transfert your balls bucket remaining on the new system.
If you find cards, we will continue to transfert your sold until 31/12/17 on your new rechargeable card.

This case concern the golfs of :

Baden, Bellefontaine, Dole Val d'Amour, Dunkerque, Les Forges, Guerville, Gujan, Houlgate, La Marterie, Le Croisic, Lille, Mazière en Gatine, Mignaloux, Niort, Pau, Pléneuf-Val-André, Ploemeur Ocean, Ploermel Lac au Duc, Port Bourgenay, Rennes Saint-Jacques, Rhuys-Kerver, Seignosse, Tours Ardrée, Val Quéven.

The rechargeable card  :

This card, rechargeable, laminated, named and provide with the RFID technology, will have lifespan much longer than your actual cards, and will permit you to benefit from price more pleasing on the purchase of your buckets.

How to get it ?

You will need to acquire this practice card to the golf reception :

- For Green fee players : 10 €
- For our Blue Green members : 5€ , with specifics cards according to your seniority.


In order to go with you in this changement, a launch offer will be setting up until the 31/08/17 : A purchased card = 20 units offered.

How does it work ?

This new system work on the acquisition of units, units are transform in balls buckets.
The principle is simple : 10 Unites = 1 Bucket

Prices :
20 € 70 units 7 buckets
40 € 160 units 16 buckets
60 € 280 units 28 buckets
100 € 530 units 53 buckets

If you don’t want purchase the rechargeable card, you still have the possibility to purchase « tags » of 1 or 3 buckets.
Price of 1 bucket 4 Euros
Price of 3 buckets 10,50 Euros


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