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The Gift Card

Do you want to treat a friend or loved one?
Why not give them one of our gifts cards which are available from all Bluegreen golf clubs!*
The Bluegreen gift Card can be used to buy all Bluereen products*.

  What can you buy with a Bluegreen Gift Card?
Green fees, tuition products (packages, introductions, etc.), golf equipment and clothing.
Where can I pick one up? 
From reception at a Bluegreen golf club.
Where can it be used?
The Bluegreen Gift Card is valid at all Bluegreen golf clubs* and may be purchased at one club and used in another.
Who can use the Bluegreen Gift Card?
All golfers, from beginners to advanced players.

When can the Bluegreen Gift Card be used?
Bluegreen Gift Cards can be used from the date of purchase for up to one year.

How is the Bluegreen Gift Card used?
Bluegreen Gift Cards can be used once or several times up to the value limit. Any price difference may made up with the payment method of your choice. If your purchase is less than the credit on the card, the remaining value can still be used for however long the card is valid.

You can check your Gift Card’s balance at a Bluegreen golf club reception desk.

How much can I put on a Bluegreen Gift Card?
The card starts at €25.
You can put as much as you wish on the card!
Give the ideal gift with 25, 50, 100, 150 euro cards and more.

*Excluding Bordeaux-Lac Golf Club and breaks promotions.


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